Law & Regulations

Law - Arabic
Insurance Law No11 of 2013
Executive Council Resolution No. 7 of 2016
UAE Law for Narcotic, Controlled and Semi Controlled Drugs 2016
Law - English
Regulations - Arabic
Regulations - English
Guidelines and Standards
ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes - 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Consensus Clinical Recommendations for the Management of Plasma Lipid Disorders in the Middle East
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)_Questionnaire – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Rhinoplasty – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Blepharitis – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Septoplasty - 2017
MOHAP Guidelines for Breast cancer Screening
Policy Directives
PD 01-2014 Complaints handling (rev 1)
PD 02-2014 Compliance with minimum benefits
PD 03-2014 Healthcare Provider Pricing
PD 01-2015 Maternity coverage
PD 02-2015 Top-up policies
PD 01-2017 Medical Facilities for Hatta Population
General Circulars
GC 01-2014 Communication protocols
GC 02-2014 Self-funded and EBP compliance
GC 03-2014 Employer Information Pack
GC 04-2014 TPA activities
GC 05-2014 Enforcement of fines and penalties
GC 01-2015 Antenatal care protocols
GC 02-2015 Patient drug safety checks
GC 05-2015 HIP status results 2015
GC 06-2015 Enforcement of the Law through Visa applications
GC 07-2015 Communication protocols
GC 04-2015 Online health insurance - Project Full Sweep EoI
GC 08-2015 HIP status results 2015
GC 09-2015 Coding Standards
GC 10-2015 PI applications and renewals for 2016
GC 01-2016 HIIP status of intermediaries
GC 02-2016 Internal Coding Elimination and Coding Standards in eClaimLink
GC 02-2016 Special Needs Members
GC 03-2016 Marketing or Advertising Medical Insurance
GC 04-2016 Mandatory Insurance Deadline
GC 05-2016 HIIP status of intermediaries
GC 06-2016 Member Register
GC 07-2016 The eClaimLink eAuthorization Initiative
GC 08-2016 Mandatory Member Information and Final Deadline
GC 09-2016 Premium Refunds
GC 01-2017 Member Register Validation with GDRFAD
GC 02-2017 Member Register Failed Uploads
Standards' Notices
SN 01-2014 Facilitation agreements
SN 01-2015 Single Point of Contact
SN 02-2015 Standards for health insurance intermediaries
SN 03-2015 Standardised claims records
SN 04-2015 Marketing standards
Procedural Notices
PN 01-2014 PI 2015 submissions
PN 03-2014 Provider price regulation
PN 02-2014 Health insurance certificates
PN 04-2014 PI renewal for 2015
PN 05-2014 Registration of health insurance intermediaries and their representatives
PN 01-2015 HIP applications 2015
PN 02-2015 v1.4 Fraud, waste and abuse return
PN 03-2015 Price Regulation
PN 01-2016 v1.1 Health coverage certificates
PN 02-2016 Price Regulation for 2017
PN 03-2016 PI Status Submissions for 2017
PN 04-2016 PI Status Renewal Submissions for 2017
Enforcement Bulletins
EB 01-2015 Health Insurance Law Enforcement Measures
Archive of Older Documents
PD 01-2014 Complaints handling
GC 03-2015 Registration of health insurance intermediaries (rev 1)